Lower deck or highe...

Lower deck or higher deck?  


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21/05/2019 7:24 pm  

I've been bombarding the board with questions, so I apologize! I've never cruised before!

I'm going to have a balcony stateroom on a Carnival cruise, and I can't decide whether it's worth the extra money for a higher deck. Part of me thinks the view would be fantastic from the higher deck, but then part of me thinks "it's the ocean, how could the view really change?" If I were on the very bottom balcony deck, would it maybe even be a neater view to see the ocean from closer? What is everyone's opinions?

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21/05/2019 7:37 pm  

Empress Deck is a good choice. You may be able to pay for a lower level balcony cabin as a guarantee such as 8A gty without a cabin assignment and be eligible for an upgrade. You are only guaranteed a 8A but since you don't have a cabin assignment at the time of booking there is usually a good chance for an upgrade. Or sometimes they are offering promotions with automatic upgrades at the time of booking. For instance you pay for a 8A and get a 2 category upgrade to a 8C which puts you on the Verandah deck on most ships.

Check with the travel agent or Carnival at the time you make your reservation to see if either of these options are available.


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