Watersports in the Cayman Islands  


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Grand Cayman can turn any ordinary land-locked person into a water-lover! Amazing aquatic activities and attractions await you on this gorgeous island on the Caribbean. Here are some things you can do on this incredible island.


The slow-paced lifestyle on this island is great for a leisurely sport like sailing. Let the wind take you away towards the horizon and enjoy the peace and quiet of being in the middle of the deep blue sea. You can charter ships if you already know how to sail; but sailing lessons are also provided by the Cayman Island Sailing Club for beginners. If you just want to relax you can still sail the open seas with seasoned sailors on crewed ships or better yet, join a cruise.


A truly memorable angler experience can be had by deep sea and fly fishing for tuna, blue marlin, and wahoo. When on shallower waters, lure in groupers and snappers by bottom fishing. Just don't forget to release your catch!


Kayaking lets you take in the scenery at a slower pace. Learn about the natural history of this beautiful island while on a guided tour of its mangrove forests and wildlife. Enjoy the morning breeze or admire the beautiful sunset while you traverse North Sound's long shoreline or Rum Point's canals and coves. Kayak at night and the water will glow from microorganisms in the water with what is called bioluminesence.


It is highly advised that you leave your surf board at home if you are looking for a big wave to surf. The serene water and weather conditions may not be an ideal situation to hang ten but there is a surf machine on the island that offers "surfable" waves on a riding surface area that measures 2,624 sq. ft. and 1,280 sq. ft.


Windsurfing is another popular water activity on Grand Cayman. It's a safe sport you can do almost anywhere on the island because the wind blows towards the shore. That means windsurfers are being pushed back towards the beach by the wind and not to deep waters. Red Sail Sports is the only water sports operator on the island that offers windsurfing lessons. Instructors say that average beginners take just around 20 minutes to learn the basics. Going fast, bumping and jumping, and cruising the relatively calm, flat waters on the East End is what windsurfing fanatics claim to be the best on the island.

Snorkeling & Diving

If you like a closer look at the marvelous marine creatures, you can snorkel around shallow reefs near the water's surface or plunge into the depths with your diving gear. Either one is sure to give you an exhilarating experience.

Boat Tours

For those who don't snorkel or dive, you can still see the wonders of the sea in their natural habitat. The clear blue water lets you see colorful tropical fishes and corals underwater – a veritable oceanarium -- from the dryness and safety of a glass-bottom boat. For big-spenders, submarines are also ready to take you into the depths of the Grand Cayman.

The calm, crystal clear waters, the soft breeze that bring the gentle waves that caress the powder-fine sands, and the warm sunshine, all make Grand Cayman truly a paradise for water sports enthusiasts.

For a day full of fun and excitement, and more, Grand Cayman Island is definitely the place to be.


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