Seniors Only (60+) All Inclusive Escorted Group Cruise From New York to West Indies - October, 2020  


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This page is for seniors, who want to join our group cruise from New York to West Indies. Viking cruise line is strictly adults only. Most of its passengers - seniors. 

Sailing date: October 8 or 10

Days: 15

Countries: 7

Itinerary: New York - Bermuda - New Indies ( a part of Caribbean)

Guided Tours: 9

Group size: 10 - 14

Space available: 14

Escorted Group: Yes

Price: Starts from 3499$

Pre and Post Stays are available

Group meetings are available before departure. 

Pairing solo travelers by gender upon request.

For any questions leave your message under this post or contact me: 703 943 8613 or at 

Other destinations and cruise lines are available for senior groups.

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