The Carolina Opry Show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  


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For the last several decades people who ‘know where to go’ have been going to Myrtle Beach. They are drawn by the sixty continuous miles of white sandy beaches and by the 117 world class golf courses in the area. They are also drawn by the seemingly endless array of entertainment opportunities that include scenic state parks, historic sites and amusement parks....and that is just in the daytime. After dark, the choices get even richer and more diversified. After dark the lights come on and Myrtle Beach lights up with a dazzling nightlife that features more than 1800 area restaurants and an almost unending variety of live music venues and entertainment theaters.

There are a great many choices for entertainment at Myrtle Beach but if you can only choose one (now that IS sad!), choose The Carolina Opry. It is a show that you will never forget!

The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach is the ‘dream-come-true of Calvin Gilmore. Calvin Gilmore was an Ozarks Mountain farm boy. He grew up singing in church. In 1967 Calvin made the pilgrimage to Nashville, Tennessee with stars in his eyes. He was very sadly disappointed in the results then. He came back to Myrtle Beach and finally in 1986 he rented a one-thousand seat theater in Surfside Beach and began producing live shows. The shows were sold out night after night so he started a second show in North Myrtle Beach which he called ‘The Dixie Jubilee’. It sold out night after night as well. In 1993 Calvin Gilmore built a state-of-the-art theater in Myrtle Beach and merged the two shows into what we now know as The Carolina Opry.

The Carolina Opry is the one and only show of its kind to have ever won Governor's Cup, the state's highest tourism award. The Governor’s Cup is a coveted award but it isn’t the only one that The Carolina Opry and Calvin Gilmore have ever won...far from it. It was also voted the state's Most Outstanding Attraction by the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. The Carolina Opry in Myrtle Beach has also received accolades from USA Today, who calls it a "Big Hit."

There are others that are in a position to know that are raving about The Carolina Opry. Variety Magazine says, "Myrtle Beach has Calvin Gilmore to thank" and NBC Nightly News says, "Calvin Gilmore is the man who is turning Myrtle Beach into a country music capital."

The rave reviews keep pouring in. CNN says, "Calvin Gilmore is given much of the credit for getting Myrtle Beach in tune with the entertainment world" and The Charlotte Observer says that The Carolina Opry ‘sets the standard’. The Sun News runs reader polls and The Carolina Opry is voted ‘The Best of the Beach’ every single year.

You just can’t ignore those kinds of endorsements. You really need to add The Carolina Opry to your ‘must-see’ list when you vacation in Myrtle Beach.


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